Friday, 29 May 2009

Meet the Family.

Before I carry on blogging any further about Tumbledown Farm I feel it is time to introduce you to "The Girls". Tumbledown Farm is home to a herd of Anglo-Nubian dairy goats.

We have been breeding and showing Anglo-Nubian goats for 27 years now. They are my mothers pride and joy and through years of line breeding she now has one of the top show herds in europe, if not the world. Goats from Tumbledown Farm have made it as far afield as Brazil, Jamaica, Trinidad, Spain, Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, the West Indies, the Middle East and Africa.

The girls rule the roost. They have the best part of four and a half acres of grassland to roam.

They are not ones to miss a treat and come running if they think they are missing out on something.

They love to nibble the apple trees and willow that surrounds the smallholding and they even get a range of scones and tea cakes as after milking treats.

This year we have three new additions to the family...

April (front left) and Rosie.

Amber (9 days old today).

Welcome to the family girls!

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Andrea said...

hahaha i love those goats with their very long ears. I want to cuddle them.