Monday, 22 June 2009

The East of England Show

Sadly due to mums ill health she wasn't able to exhibit her goats in this years East of England Show. I did however go to visit the show. I've been visiting agricultural shows since I was very young as we usually show our girls at them. There is always something for everyone, and as usual I had a throughly enjoyable day.

The classic car show made me dribble...

Jowett Jupiter

E-Type Jaguar

O.K. O.K. the bubble car didn't make me dribble, but it did make me chuckle! Especially the little picnic basket on the back.

BMW lsetta

There was a large steam ralley and selection of old farm machinery.

Lots of displays from falconry to dog agility.

Martial eagle.

And a weatlth of cute animals...

Gloucester Old Spots


I have at last found a local man who breeds Dark Brahmas, so now all I need to do now is excavate the old chicken run and re-fence it. The list of things to do at Tumbledore Farm is getting longer and longer! *sigh*


Pork Chop said...

Lovely piggies!

janerowena said...

Lovely alpacas! And chicks, too. And the car.

I love those shows.

Sara Johnson said...

But look at how much fun you are having!!