Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Garden therapy.

Whenever I feel blue, there is nothing quite like a stroll around the garden to lift my spirits. I'm not sure why, perhaps it is becuase I have a chance to think quietly to myself? Or could it be the sheer beauty of life and nature, the thought that so much beauty is struggling to burst forth and shine no matter what troubles are ringing in my own world?


Primula vialli

Erodium 'Bishop's Form'

The new vegetable plot.


Weeds, weeds, everywhere!


Aspidistra said...


Aspidistra said...

HURRAH!!!!! I'm in at last! Yippeeeeeee! Um...just need to think of something to say.

Aspidistra calling Tumbledown farm, are you receiving?

Shirley said...

Hi there… nice to meet you :-)

Oh yes… the garden is definitely a place to lift your spirits especially if you do some weeding ;-)

Love the astrantia shots and vivalii has been and gone in my garden… not through choice… guess its too cold for it here. Love the erodium… should look for that one. My… you’ve got an impressive veggie plot too… very nice! Happy Bloom Day :-D

My post is up too if you would like to visit. I’ve videos for this month :-D