Monday, 15 June 2009

Sunday skies.

Saturday was a busy gardening day. It involved much nettle pulling and the discovery that the back garden of Tumbledown Farm did still exist beneath the 6ft jungle of weeds. By Sunday I had no energy left and the weather was gloriously hot. So I opted not to garden, instead I went off for a mooch around the local area to look for plant stalls at the bottom of peoples drives and in local farm shops for horticultural bargains for the newly exposed back garden. I bought some fresh strawberries and munched them as I went merrily on my plant hunt. It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning and I even found a Dierama pulcherrimum!

The cow parsley has grown even taller in the hay field and in the heat of the afternoon Stilton and I decided that the best way to spend the day was to lay in the shade of the long grass.

I took the camera with me to see what I could find to snap.

The air was fresh with a hint of pheasant (well so Stilton told me).

Both my boys accompanied me down the field.

Even Silvi was relaxed enough to let me take a photo for once. He sat still for all of two minutes before doing a graceful dive into a patch of nettles and running off at high speed with a small shrieking rodent!

Stilton hasn't quite got the hang of hunting and I'm not going to encourage him. It is far funnier to watch him making machine gun noises at flies and sparrows. Since moving here he has at last managed to improve his climbing skills.

He is enjoying every moment he spends outside exploring the long grass and hay stores at Tumbledown Farm and I really love to watch him discovering it all.

Much fun can be had in long grass and cow parsley!


janerowena said...

Lovely photos again, RO. Stilton's starting to get musclier, I think.

Amazing said...

Lovely pictures

Sara Johnson said...

Truly stunning photos.

Wonderful adventures!

Rothschild Orchid said...

Thank you :o)

I think Stilton has matured a lot in the last few months, he's getting all grown up now!