Saturday, 4 July 2009

The butterfly circuit.

Tumbledown Farm is full of butterflies. Countless tortoiseshells, red admirals, commas, orange tips and cabbage whites are flitting about. There appears to be a favoured circuit for the fluttery folk. Starting from the hay meadow, down to the veg plot and across to the garden via the big hebes and around the back of the house through the corridor of buddleias and eventually back to the hay meadow.

Comma on Fremontodendron californicum leaf.

Infuriatingly they are incredibly difficult to photograph and over the last few days I have been running around the smallholding getting extremely hot and bothered trying to photograph them. They like to stay high and getting close to them has been something of a challenge. However, this afternoon I had success at long last in the veg garden when I discovered a sleepy comma :o)

Comma on potato plants.

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