Monday, 6 July 2009

Nasty Urchins!

I love nasturtiums!

Nasturtium is Latin for "nose twister" a name it recieved for it's peppery smell and taste.

They are wonderful little plants on so many levels.
They add a jolly feel to my veg patch but the flowers and leaves are great for salads too.
They are brave little fellows that will sacrifice themselves to save your veggies.
And best of all they are so easy to grow, they thrive on neglect and self seed without any trouble.

How can you not love these little chaps?


VP said...

I love Nasturtiums too! Just as well as they take over part of my allotment every year. I didn't know the latin name meant nose twister though!

Just nipped in to get your link for over at mine :)

Rothschild Orchid said...

The only trouble with Tumbledown Farm is that the soil is rather rich for them. The leaves are the size of dinner plates! They used to love my poor Wiltshire soil, but here in Lincs they seem to be going for some world record in leaf size!

Thanks for the link :o)

Just survived the rain at Hampton Court, fantastic day though.

Karen - An Artists Garden said...

Just arrived from VP's
I like Nasturtiums too - and their sacrificial nature - I grow them to edge the beds in the kitchen garden.
I have enjoyed reading your blog.

Juliet said...

I love them too, but mine are covered with blackfly this year :(

Still, it makes a change from cabbage whites ;)

LadyLuz said...

My Spanish neighbour, Gonzalo, is entranced by these and has asked for some of my seeds. He loves the idea that they are edible as well as ornamental. His wife, Mathilde, has a hard time claiming space for flowers as his motto is if you can't eat it, don't grow it.

Rothschild Orchid said...

They should cheer her up then! There are some lovlely ones, I've had some much paler ones in the past which were very pretty.