Saturday, 22 August 2009

Waving the Flag!

Mina lobata (Spanish flag)

I adore Mina lobata. It is just so vibrant, I am always drawn to it whenever I see it. I failed miserably to grow it from seed this year, but I will be trying again next year. I spotted these ones waving in the afternoon breeze at Peckover House Gardens.


Sylvia said...

Hi, thanks for visitng my blog and posting on my "grumpy frog" post. lol. Your mina lobata reminds me of candy corn, the colors are truly amazing against your black background.

Juliet said...

Ooh, I like that - and it's new to me, I'll have to go and look it up :)

Martyn Cox said...

I love Mina lobata or Ipomoea lobata. It's a plant I plan to grow every year and then forget to order seeds.