Monday, 21 September 2009

Out on the Streets in Ely: September 2009

VP over at Veg Plotting has been investigating public planting for a number of months now and has been calling for contributions to this months Out on the Streets. So today whilst visiting Ely I couldn't help but take a few pics of the public planting on offer.

There are brightly coloured planters at regular intervals all along the high street with a range of plants such as osteospermums, dahlias and bergonias in varying shades of red and orange.

Planter on High Street.

Planter on main shopping street.

The pubs have all joined in with the jolly display with some pretty impressive hanging baskets. I particularly liked the cannas in the baskets from The Fountain.

Front of the Lamb Inn

Side of the Lamb Inn

Minister Tavern

The Fountain

The Fountain

Flower bed outside the cathedral.

Even the wall opposite the local retirement home was laden with brightly coloured bergonias.

I have to admit I rather enjoyed Ely's floral display. It was vibrant and well maintained.


Juliet said...

Do you know I have never noticed those big planters on the High Street, and I go to Ely a lot - am I unobservant, or is all that colourful planting new, I wonder?

My meme post is up at last - sorry you'll have heard most of the things before, but I didn't have time to think of new ones!

VP said...

A fantastic contribution, thank you :)

I particularly like the pub hanging baskets arranged like swags and also the wall of the old people's home. I must show that to the staff at my MIL's home to galvanise them into doing something there!

Rothschild Orchid said...

Ahhh I don't know Juliet, I think they have always been there!

VP the retirement home needs to be seen to be believed it is dripping with plants in every direction!

Martyn Cox said...

I've frequented the bars at The Minster Tavern and The Fountain many times over the years. Note to self. Visit Ely to see your sister and family soon.

Ann Crossen said...

Love the planters on the buildings, reminds me of my visit to the U.K.

Esther Montgomery said...

I do feel out a limb with this. There are lots of planters like this in Weymouth (in Dorset) and I think they are awful. I find it depressing to see they've got them in Ely too . . . and the hanging baskets. Them as well. It's a bit like shop fronts . . . the same ones wherever you go making everywhere look the same. Dull black plastic. Even matching rubbish bins. (We've got them too.)

(I like the wall opposite the retirement home though. I do like some things!)

Rothschild Orchid said...

Hi Esther,

I do kind of understand where you are coming from, but believe me when I say I have seen a whole lot worse. For The Fens it really isn't a bad effort. I spotted just the other week in Peterborough city centre several puddles of marigolds with one lanky looking bright green conifer plonked in the middle of each of them. It really did make me want to cry!

cherry said...

your blog is a feast for the eyes! I love the window boxes on The Fountain ~ hugs, Cherry

Anonymous said...

great post. I would love to follow you on twitter.