Monday, 14 September 2009

September Days.

Stilton and I have done a tour of the smallholding this morning and I've taken a few images which sum up Tumbledown Farm in September. There is still a vast amount of work to be done across the property. Parts of the garden are flowering away beautifully, others are wild and some are in decay. The old hay store and stables are in need of pulling down with hanging down planks of wood, holey corrugated iron and spiders webs everywhere. The cats love them as they provide a constant source of mousing opportunities. I just fantasise about designing a beautiful garden in their place.

Rudbeckia, Russian sage and purple toad flax.

Goose grass.

Small tortoiseshell butterfly on hebe.

Door to old hay store.


Moss on apple tree.


Door to old stable.

Sea of nastursians in veg plot.

Door post in old hay store.

The girls as always have to come and see what I am doing, especially if I am lurking near the apple trees in the goat yard!

There are brambles and apples galore, enough for crumbles, goats and birds.

Stilton as usual couldn't wait to pose for the camera in the old hay store. He has a favoured spot underneath a skylight that warms the wood with sunshine.

Lichen on old apple tree branch.

There seems to be an explosion of garden spiders at the moment. Every plant is covered with a jewelled web and a fat spider. One crafty fellow has even managed to weave a couple of poppy seed heads into his web.

Caught in the web.

Garden spiders with their catches.

View of the billy paddock through a hole in the side of the old hay store.

Dracus, a very soppy but deliciously whiffy stud male.


Richard Barrett said...

Wow, super blog and great photos, thanks.

janerowena said...

I think I can see a difference! :-)

Beautiful photos - that catch on the side of the doorpost looks like a mini mask.

hiltop said...

Really enjoyed your photos and comments, RO!

Rob said...

My Meme is up! I did like doing it, despite my comments!

I love your goats, by the way, those oversize ears are so cool!

Sara Johnson said...

Stunning as per usual RO

Very jealous indeed!!

Juliet said...

I like the old stable door and the moss on apple tree photos - lovely textures.

Will do the meme at some point, but I'm still catching up with things at the moment!

HappyMouffetard said...

Beautiful photos, RO, and so evocative of the start of autumn.

HappyMouffetard said...

Forgot to say - Stilton looks very regal there!

Victoria Summerley said...

My meme is posted - sorry to take so long. Hope you enjoy it!