Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter at Tumbledown.

My goodness I cannot believe it is Easter already! I have spent little time online over the last couple of weeks having had to look after dear mum following her knee replacement. She is home and well but progressing very slowly in terms of mobility. Last week we had the added trauma of Titch our aged Devon Rex cat having yet another stroke. He has been extremely poorly and we did not think he would make it, but to our amazement he has perked up over the last few days, although he now has the new name of Mr Wobblehead. After his last stroke his head hung at a slightly odd forty-five degree angle to his body, now it just rather disconcertingly bobbles back and forth. This week the little chap has regained his movement and appetite and is once again causing his daily ten minutes of chaos between power naps.

The photo above is of Eros. A long-term family member and Tumbledown garden dweller. Mum and dad rescued him from a skip in South East London more than thirty years ago. He has travelled around with them ever since.

We have a habit of collecting things at Tumbledown. Dad is a collector: a collector of well just about anything. His eclectic collection includes the watering cans below; just don't ask me how many of them we really do not want to know!

The daffodils are all out this Easter. Jolly and yellow. I am usually not a fan of acid yellow in the garden. In fact I have murdered more than one forsythia in my time, but this week has been so cold, wet and miserable that I am clinging to their yellow show as the only sign of hope for sunnier times to come.

The fields around Tumbledown are full of daffodils. This area grows large numbers of them. The farmers have been suffering with the weather this year. The cold spell at the start of the year delayed the flowering season and meant they missed Mother's day. They seem to have been struggling to make the Easter market too. The field next door is full of people busily picking the daffs this morning, frantically trying to get a few more bunches of flowers before the end of the Easter weekend. I hope its worth their while. I must admit I love living in a flower growing area and getting to see whole fields of flowers out of my window.

 Forsythia (The one that got away!)

 Muscari armeniacum

Since the weather has been so horrid this week I have spent most of it like a caged animal inside the house or in the greenhouse. The seedlings are all doing well. 

As a bit of fun for Easter I even created a mini succulent garden inspired by the wonderful Kathy Brown. Yes I have been indoors far too much and sadly my laptop has died (I fear I may have overloaded it with photos...sob). I even resorted to photographing some more of the Tumbledown clutter...

Of course it would not be a proper Tumbledown report without the cats. Although it was hideously windy the boys did come for a stroll down the field with me one afternoon. Well when I say a stroll I mean that Leo came on the off chance that there might have been a pheasant or two to catch, but he soon disappeared off into the long grass in search of feathered friends.

Silvi did his best to come and join in, but well he is Siamese and a bit delicate and did not really take to the spring breeze. After a few minutes of shouting he retreated to the comfort of the house and his favourite radiator bed.

Stilton being a true gardening cat was out enjoying the daffodils and keeping an eye out for the Easter Bunny.

Happy Easter from everyone at Tumbledown, 

RO xxx


Sharon Lovejoy said...

But, I REALLY DO want to know how many watering cans he has collected through the years.

Lovely pics and adore Eros. Elegant. Would make even a trash can garden look great.

Joys to you and yours,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Lovely photos. That little wire egg holder is very sweet. Good luck to your bobble-head kitty.

HappyMouffetard said...

A lovely view of Tumbledown at Easter. Hugs to Titch.
I too have a dislike of forsythia - well, it's nice in other people's gardens but won't be making an appearance on ours, put it that way.
Happy Easter RO :)

BernieH said...

Lovely to hear that your Mum is recovering well ... and poor Mr. Wobblehead is on the mend.

Gorgeous photos ... loved Eros and the watering cans. The daffs are so cheery and how wonderful to see all your seedlings doing so well. Loved your little succulent garden in the egg basket ... it looks so good!

I hope you and yours have a lovely Easter Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Dear RO, What a lovely Easter posting which leaves one with so much to reflect on: your mother, who I do hope will continue to make good progress, your father's ecletic collection [all the best are and I love the watering cans], your cats, all of the spring flowers, that amazing piece of statuary, the weather, and so much more - and not least your, as always, wonderful images. Thank you for sharing so much.

My best wishes to you and you family on this Easter Sunday.

Ian said...

And a Happy Easter to you too!

Lots of lovely photos as usual. . love it.

joey said...

I'm so taken with your stunning photos, RO. You certainly have a gifted eye! Always a delight to visit plus you have posted my favorite daffs! Happy Easter.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

And a happy Easter to you! Love all your blooms and your wonderful cats. My James thinks of me as mama, but to Fiona, I am the Hoomin, LOL. And Siamese cats do tend to be drama queens, don't they, LOL! My choccie bunny is half consumed. :)

Rosie leavesnbloom said...

Happy Easter RO!

I really like the egg shells and succulent planting idea for easter.

If your dad ever wants to get rid of a few of those watering cans I'll give one a good home. I think he has good taste - I like old watering cans too.

I really like the daffodils in the first photo - I've only got tete a tetes out in flower still. It must be so lovely to look out unto fields of daffodils - soon I'll be looking out at a field of yellow - but it will be of Oil seed rape..... so antihistamines will be required lol

Have a lovely weekend and I hope your mum is making a good recovery after her op. She'll be a new woman with that new knee with a spring in her step soon.

Diana Studer said...

Happy Easter to you and the tiggers.

Juliet said...

Glad to hear your Mum is recovering, RO, albeit slowly - and that Titch is recovering too. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier - and a happy Easter to you too!

Liz said...

Hi RO,

Happy Easter, I hope you've had a relaxing day :)

Wonderful photos, I have to agree on the yellow issue... I have too much yellow at the moment for my liking, but it's better than nothing!
I've actually ordered myself a white forsythia to replace the yellow one that came with the garden...

Jim Groble said...

Wonderful pics. Happy Easter. jim

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos! I love the mini succulent garden!

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy your photos of flowers! They are lovely.
Wishing you happy Easter and hoping Titch will be OK.

Cenya said...

Hang in there, Titch! Years ago we had a cat, Hafdis, who had some strokes. She would wander around with her head down, looking at us from the tops of her eyes. Ghoulish, but interesting. After a few days, she would be fine again.
LOVE the watering cans. I have a few cool ones too.

debsgarden said...

I never tire of seeing happy daffodils. I still have a few blooming, but most are done for the year. Your photos are lovely. I do like the watering cans!

Unknown said...

So much in this post, RO. Glad your mum is healing nicely, if slow, and that Mr. Wobblehead has rallied again. And these photos! Splendid. I adore daffodils and hope to see the first ones opening here by the end of the week if the weather continues as it is.
The succulent displays are just fabulous; whimsical and elegant too. Never met a succulent I didn't adore, seriously.
I hope it was a lovely Easter for you, and that the weather rallies into proper warm, welcoming spring.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Lovely photographs. I didn't use to be too fond of daffodils but have been completely won over and now have loads. They are just what I need to prove that winter has gone. I love all the watering cans. I only have one elegant metal one and numerous inelegant plastic ones but the metal one wins the prize for looks.
Hope your Easter was a good one.

Frugilegus said...

I do like your eggshells for the succulent garden, and your seedlings look astonishingly healthy. Happy spring.

RURAL magazine said...

I know that you say it is cool weather out there, but everything looks so fresh.

How wonderful to have the cats come out to explore with you. Bootsie disappears immediately when we go outside. I think he is still in his teenage stage, and embarassed to be seen with us.

Well, maybe he will grow out of it.


The Idiot said...

Come on, we need to know about the watering cans, and more importantly, does he have a favourite?