Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Malvern Spring Show 2010: The Floral Marquee.

Tulip 'Rococo' from the Broadleigh Gardens stand.

Aside from the show gardens and watching the wonderful antics of the 3 Men Went 2 Mow, the stars of the show were of course the plants. I spent many hours wandering around the floral marquee lusting after strange and unusal beauties. There was so much to take in. Surprisingly I bought very few plants, but I did make note of several nurseries I would like to visit in the future. Here are a few of the things I saw on my stumblings around the marquee...

Iris 'Logo' from the Broadleigh Gardens stand.

 Tulip 'Barbados' from the Broadleigh Gardens stand.

There was a stunning array of tulips on display, many of them on the Bloms Bulbs stand which attracted a great deal of attention. The display was quite something and took me a long time to take in.

Tulip 'Happy Generation' from Bloms Bulbs Stand.

There seemed to be something for everyone, whatever your tastes from delicate alpine flowers to bold and beautiful peonies. I even spotted Princess Anne taking a tour of the Marquee.

Princess Anne in the Floral Marquee.

 Chrysanthemum 'Green Mist.'

There were magnificent displays of chrysanthemums, lilies, fuchsias and pelargoniums.

Chrysanthemums Misty Lemon and Feeling Green.

Lilium Oriental 'Robina.'

Lilium Oriental 'Cherbourg.'

There were several displays of hostas. Oh how I love hostas! My favouite hosta stand was Park Green Nurseries. Blackmore and Langdon's bushy blue delphiniums made me stop and smile too and I adored Pops Plants auriculas.

Delphinium 'Faust' on Blackmore and Langdon's stand.

 Delphinium 'Darling Sue' on Blackmore and Langdon's stand.

Epimediums proved to be very popular, especially a rather striking orange variety called 'Amber Queen' which sold out in the blinking of an eye. I was quite fascinated with uvularia's which were a new discovery for me. Lilly of the valleys also seemed to be popular, particularly a variegated variety called 'Vic Pawlowski's Gold.'

 Epimedium 'Amber Queen' from Edrom Nurseries.

Uvularia grandiflora var Pallida.

Convallaria majalis 'Vic Pawlowski's Gold.'

Another of my favourite stands was Hampshire Carnivourous Plants. I could have looked at their amazing plants all day. Sadly there was not time, but I did manage to take a few snaps before being swept away in the crowds. 

 Sarracennia x cv. 'Juthatip Soper' Pitcher Plant from Hampshire Carnivourous Plants.

 Sarracennia x courtii from Hampshire Carnivourous Plants.

Sarracennia purpurea from Hampshire Carnivourous Plants.

So that is it for me and Malvern for this year. 
I hope you have enjoyed the tour. 
RO xxx


easygardener said...

I was very impressed with Malvern - a first time visit for me. As it happens I bought Epimedium 'Amber Queen' - couldn't resist it! There were so many wonderful plants to choose from.

Rothschild Orchid said...

*Sulks* By the time I had finished photographing it, they had sold out *Sob*

Now I know who to blame...actually I am going to try and order it from Edrom's wonderful website which I would never have discovered otherwise.

RO xx

Paul C said...

These photos illustrate so well why gardening is so exciting with all the wonderful options and hybrids available.

Gail said...

The flower marquee was splendid and I also wanted to take home Amber Queen...but I am sure the border guards would have stopped me! Your photos are wonderful! gail

Carol said...

Beautiful photos! Wow! to the Epimedium 'Amber Queen'.

Andrea said...

I only have an adjective for them, they are all "elegant". We dont have these plants here and only see them in Europe, but i learned that tulip's have viruses which made the variegations in them more beautiful. That was from an authority on plants from the botanist of Durham University, whose blog is called the Digital Botanic Garden!

Victoria Summerley said...

I'm so sorry I missed you, RO! I thought the epimediums were one of the high points of the marquee - they were so beautiful. Nearly everything I wanted to buy was sold out, so I sympathise.

HappyMouffetard said...

Beautiful photos - the Rococo tulip is sumptuous. I did love the Amber Queen epimedium but was good and didn't buy it as I specifically wanted white ones.

Carrie said...

great pics, it was just too manic for me to calm my mind and get to photographing so thanks.

joco said...

You've done us proud:
What a feast for the eye!
Shows how much I missed by being in a hurry.
It is not only crocuses that you photograph beautifully :-)

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Lovely pics RO - I had written Uvularia grandiflora var pallida in my notebook - but couldn't for the life of me remember what it looked like, so for me - a very useful post, thank you.

The colour of your delphinium images is stunning.

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

That Iris Logo would get growing space in my garden any day - I've fallen in love with it - but I should not covet! Its just so beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend RO you'll be kept busy with all those little kids and bottle feeding!

:) Rosie

debsgarden said...

Thanks for the tour! I see why everyone snapped up the epimediums! I think the carnivorous plants are fascinating. If I had a boggy area, I would grow some here. When my boys were young, we did try, but sadly, my ground is a bit too dry.

Melissa said...

One of my dreams is to come back to England and take in a show like this (the Chelsea Flower Show seems a bit overwhelming. . . ) and your photographs just reinforce my longing! I especially loved the tulips and hostas. Thanks for sharing with us.

joey said...

A stunning array of blooms, RO ... not a huge mum lover, I do like Green Mist and Misty Lemon and the lilies are stunning!

Anonymous said...

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