Friday, 9 July 2010

The Stone House

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting a rather delightful Cotswold garden with The Galloping Gardener. The Stone House is a 2 1/2 acre privately owned garden on heavy acid clay. It is located in the small and very picturesque village of Wyck Rissington, Nr. Bourton on the Water, Cheltenham.

 View of main lawn with herbaceous borders.

The garden is open all year round by appointment. It was a real treat to have the garden to ourselves when we visited. We were able to explore at leisure without being disturbed by other visitors which made for an incredibly peaceful rather indulgent afternoon.


The lawn area was surrounded by several herbaceous borders packed with an array of interesting plants and shrubs. It soon became clear as I began to explore the garden that a great deal of care had gone into not only the design and care of the garden but also in the choice of plants. This was the garden of an enthusiastic plantsperson.

 View of main lawn with herbaceous borders.

 Rudbekia occidentalis "Green Wizard"

Stone arch leading to the pool area.


The garden was made up of a number of rooms, each with delightful details of stonework, paths, sculptures and urns. Alchemilla mollis frothed out all over the garden spilling from borders and stonework steps. Beautiful shrubs such as buddleja alternifolia kept the bees and butterflies busy and recognising all the delicious perennials such as Silene fimbriata kept me occupied.

Dog sculpture


Swimming pool

The pool was immensely appealing, carefully concealed behind walls and trellis work covered in roses and clematis. On that hot afternoon the cool blue waters seemed to be calling to me. What a wonderful spot to relax in!

Cobbled path leading to paddocks.

I adored this pathway leading to a gate to the paddocks. It had beautiful decorative cobblestones with detail of rabbits hopping along the path. On either side of the path box cubes provided an interesting focal point with roses, hostas and alliums planted in between them. 

Detail of a rabbit from the cobbled path.

 Blue and white campanulas.

Summer house.

Chickens in the paddock.

Meadow walk.

Every which way you turn in this garden there are little details and features that catch your eye. The garden was alive with wildlife too. Birds bashing snails against the stonework, dragonflies darting about, and baby frogs lounging in the sun around the pond side all made me smile when I spotted them.

 Seat near paddock.

Peony with Alchemilla mollis.


Gillenia trifoliata


Urn with bergenia.


Shade garden next to stream.

At the back of the house was a small stream and shady gravelled walk. A sculpture of Medusa spouts water into a small pool and array of architectural plants create a very calm, shady retreat from the hot afternoons sun.

Lonicera brownii "Dropmore Scarlet".

Path leading to house with box pyramids.

 Pink wisteria.

The Stone House is an exceptionally pretty garden crammed full of unusual plants and detailed features. It is without doubt worth a visit if you enjoy plants and country gardens. It is a garden that is much loved which really comes across as you make your journey around it. I for one am very pleased to have found it. It made for a very enjoyable afternoon in contrast to some of the larger very busy tourist packed Cotswold gardens.

 Cytisus battandieri


Heather at Dusty Bay said...

Oh lucky you to get to visit such a place! I just love that stone archway and the cobbled path. It does look like a garden that is much loved.... thanks for the tour!

Antique ART Garden said...

What a WONDERFUL tour of a beautiful, dreamy garden ! everybody in England is so spoiled with cottage gardens , because you have the landscape and the old homes to frame them, envious American here !!! Pictures are wonderful too, thanks , Gina

Valerianna said...

Quite a beautiful place. It does feel very loved- I am ready to jump into that pool! At this time of year, in the midst of a heat wave, I think about how I could create a natural swimming pool.... so I've got the plan, just gotta manifest the funds!

Thanks for the journey!

Stone Art's Blog said...

This place is fabulous

James A-S said...

It is a very pretty garden - I have only been in the late summer (when it still shines) for Katie's excellent twice yearly plantfairs.
Great pictures - as always.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. Really makes me feel I know it from your photos. Might ask some advice from you at some point. Drove over my camera the other day, have to get new one pronto and your photos always make me green with envy!

Ellada said...

Wow !!! Wow !!!
I wish, I had a garden like that, and they also have a swimming pool. It is a dream, wake up me, please !!!

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Oh RO, what an amazing, amazing garden! If the planting alone is not wonderful enough, the hard landscaping is also gorgeous, got lots of great ideas.

Benjamin Vogt said...

I want one!! This is gorgeous. Thank you. Nothing pithy to say on my part, so I'll just keep rambling. Nothing like an established garden. The prairie walk is appealing to me, since I live in the prairie.

freerangegirl said...

Beautiful photographs - the eryngium, the aquilegia, the rudbeckia, theyre stunning. I think that urn is about as perfiect as it gets. Thnaks for sharing these!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what beautiful photos of a beautiful garden! What a treat that the two of you were able to have this place to yourselves; I would have been tempted to just settle in and stay. Like you, I am in love with that shady cobbled walk. -Jean

Anonymous said...

excellent article...the cotswold stone arches are superb...and the rudbeckia...

Dan said...

What a beautiful and relaxing garden! I love the stone arches, the pool, the stone dog and the mosaic rabbits in the path!

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

RO what a great piece on The Stone Garden - oh how I wish my borders in my backgarden looked like theirs. Fabulous photos.

Have a lovely weekend....... its raining here - you're probably basking in that sun down there! :) Rosie

debsgarden said...

This is my dream garden! You were indeed fortunate to tour this fabulous place without all the crowds of a tourist attraction. All of the garden spaces are so beautiful, and I love all the stone. I really like the rabbit set into the cobblestone walk. Thanks for the wonderful tour!

Juliet said...

How lovely to have had it all to yourselves, and how well you've captured it in your photos. I really like the one of the Eryngium, with the light shining on it.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Oooh, it all looks so lovely! Only... columbine is really blooming at the same time as everything else? Wow.

Sara said...

That was a wonderful armchair adventure. Thank you for a beautiful set of photos.

blake said...

Wow, just wow. I love these posts, and this garden is a knock-out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing me to a new and very wonderful garden. After reading your post, it's definitely on my to-visit list. Lovely photos.

joey said...

This might be the loveliest garden tour I have ever been on, your insight and photos a pure joy. Thank you, dear RO.

Unknown said...

What a remarkable place, and such extensive, splendid photography, RO! You had me (or the garden did) at the Astrantia, one of my favourite plants. A perfect plant, in fact. Glad you had such a lovely time.

Anonymous said...

This is going on the must see list of gardens! Thanks for the detailed tour and photos, it must have been wonderful to have it all to yourselves too. Did you jump into that pool, or just stick toesies in? :-)

Turling said...

Absolutely stunning. The brick and stonework is fantastic. Brilliant pictures, as well.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I felt like I was walking with you. Amazing pictures. The cobble stone paths were just charming. Thank you for this lovely vision.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I might just give up right now and take to tatting or bingo. So much what I want to create and so far from what is happening up here, all bindweed and bolted lettuce. Fabulous, fabulous photos.
We have a lot of stone. Maybe we could just do the cobbled paths?

Garden 22 said...

Lovely pics and the blog is looking beautiful as always!

Have posted some pics of our visit to Great Dixter on our blog possibly the most charmingly beautiful garden we have visited so far.

Mary has been busy in the garden as always and I've revamped the Garden 22 blog and embedded my Picasa photo albums

Hope you like them!


Alice Joyce said...

Divine, divine... simply divine!

[I seem to be moving house and life is total chaos.
Thank you for taking me away from the madness with this delightful tour of The Stone House.}

xo Alice
I hope you get this comment. Looks like I'm a month behind!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my beloved cotswolds. There is no other place quite like it. I hope my oakleaf hydrangeas look as good as that specimen in your photos. I had good times as a child ridind. I ate the best tasting strawberries too. You've brought back some memories. Thank you!

Patrice said...

What beautiful pictures! I'm glad I stopped by today.

Andrea said...

What a wonderful job you have! If only i was trained in that specialization coupled with photography, i would have been very happy in this lifetime, hehe. But it is disheartening that those very beautiful flowers and plants will just succumb to the changes in seasons. So saddening for the gardeners and owners, and me, if i were you!

catharine Howard said...

Photosfab galore but in particular the eryngium looking so fluffy that I could be lulled into making it into a boa. Not constrictor.

Unknown said...

I love the stones... Wonderful garden. Thank for sharing.

Charlotte Weychan said...

So wonderful to see you back! We've all missed you.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Jess said...

I was stopping by specifically to see if you were all Mommy'd and you answered my question first line!!!! Best wishes!