Wednesday, 18 August 2010

This summer I have mostly been growing...

 Gloriosa rothschildiana

This summer I have been growing a few new things. My favourite has to be the Gloriosa rothschildiana. It is a rather unusual climbing member of the lily family, native to South Africa. Earlier in the year I was delighted to spot a tuber for sale in the local garden centre, I quickly snapped it up and took it home. I planted the tuber about three inches deep in a pot and gave it pride of place on the windowsil. We have watched with great delight as each glossy green leaf shot up with intricate curled tendils at every tip, then as clusters of buds appeared and exquisite flowers started to unfurl to form bright and exotic flowers of red and yellow.

The other new thing I have been growing this summer is...... a baby!!! Yes it was with great joy earlier this summer that I discovered that I am expecting my first child. Sadly I have been plagued with horrendous morning (noon and night) sickness and severe fatigue which has meant that I have had no energy for blogging. So many apologies to my regular followers for the lack of blog posts over the last month or so. I hope very much to be feeling better soon (fingers crossed) but I'm afraid posts may be a little sporadic for the next few months.

  A new shoot!

RO xxx